One of the major struggles in modern workplaces is to manage tasks and prioritize work. While in meetings, it becomes even harder to follow up meeting tasks properly. This happens in most cases where no minutes of meetings are recorded.

Appropriate meeting minutes summarize the major points of the discussion. They serve as a tangible and permanent document of what has been discussed and which tasks are assigned to whom.

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So, why there is a need for task management in the first place? Task management is deemed crucial amongst employees as it helps to prioritize tasks. It also helps them to manage the work schedule and define deadlines clearly. In all, task management is one of the cornerstones of productivity, and it can help with everything from your team performance to work-life balance.

That said, many executives search for meeting action items templates online to manage tasks properly. However, they don’t prove to be effective every time. Using Akeo Meeting can help you manage and organize your meeting tasks easily. Akeo Meeting has a built-in taskboard that organizes your tasks and automatically adds your task items, so you don’t have to do it. Here is why the taskboard could be the ultimate solution to your task management:

Consolidated view

Akeo Meeting taskboard allows you to keep a constant track of all your tasks assigned in every meeting. You can track which tasks are assigned to you and others with their respective deadlines – everything on a single page. You can also find a particular meeting in which the task was assigned.

Task status

Akeo Meeting taskboard helps you put all your tasks as per their status such as new, active, and done. You just need to drag the task item and drop it in the suitable section to update the task.

New – All your assigned tasks will appear in the new section.

Active – When you start working on any new task, you can move the work item into the active section.

Done – When your work is finished, drag it to the done section to show the task has been completed.

Task filters

The taskboard also provides various filters to help you check tasks based on their due dates and the person to which tasks are assigned. For instance, if you want to filter out tasks with close deadlines, you can click on today or tomorrow; and the taskboard will show you tasks with the chosen due dates. Another, you can check your team-mates task by applying the filter to check your dependencies.

Akeo Meeting taskboard ensures you do not have to search for tasks in chats, messengers, mailbox, or on paper sheets – as they will be available in one place right in front of you. Furthermore, all tasks also include a link that takes you back to the respective meeting minutes. You can easily look up to the discussion in which the task was assigned and which decisions were actually made.

To conclude, task management is essential for all executives who want to be productive in their work life. With the taskboard, you can keep all your tasks handy and achieve your goals easily. Akeo Meeting taskboard could be your key solution to take productivity to the next level. Get started with Akeo Meeting for free. 

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